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National survey on online behaviors and attitudes for NCSA and APWG indicate that:

96% of Americans feel a personal responsibility to be safer and more secure online.

93% believe their online actions can protect not only friends and family but also help to make the Web safer for everyone around the world.

61% believe that much of online safety and security falls under their personal control, and consistent with those feelings, 90% said they want to learn more about keeping safer on the Internet.

48% feel their actions to stay safe and secure can have a positive impact on financial, economic, and national security of the country, indicating Americans are open to making the bridge between their own safety and the nation’s security.

Concern about identity theft rates slightly higher than fears of job and healthcare loss.

54% of Americans are extremely concerned about loss of personal or financial information. To place this is in context, 53% are concerned about losing their jobs, while 51% feared not being able to provide healthcare for their family.

Nearly two-thirds of the American public have heard, read or seen something about online safety and security issues recently. However, most of what the news they remember is negative: identity theft, privacy loss, and increased frequency of attacks.

  • GEOACL solution works for both Online Access Validations & retail authorizations at POS Terminals

  • Adds a critical second layer of security

  • No extra hardware device/token used,Phone not needed for POS Payments.

  • No third party involvement

  • No extra software on user devices

  • Easy to set up, manage, and use

  • Cost-effective to deploy and support

  • Out-of-band and OATH methods

  • Easy to learn and simple to manage

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Americans so far didn't have much say in controlling security of their credit cards, personal information, data like email, etc.

We frequently hear stories of data breaches from merchants, payment processors and service providers.

How do you allow users protect their accounts from unknown hackers trying to misuse their information? By preventing unlimited access from anywhere - major reason of hackers being able to use stolen credentials and publicly available information. By allowing account owners erect location barriers and limit access for locations that account owner is authorizing.

GEOACL's versatile and dynamic authentication and authorization services including optional Out of Band Authentication Module galvanizes the process of securing account access at the same time giving users ability to configure different levels of permissions as per their need. Authentication and verification are provided by engaging the end user in configuring security for their online accounts, retail authorizations. Locations configured by end users are compared against that of request origination source (merchants, telephones, smart phones, computers or tablets). The request location identified becomes an effective proxy for a security credential.

GEOACL's LBA (Location based authentication) Services secures user's actions in financial services, corporate business applications, cloud based services, software as a service, healthcare and retail e-commerce applications. Our customers can depend on us to strengthen access with two factor Authentication, enforce multi-factor authentication to provide transaction verification or validate online account activities that are routine, but potentially risky when executed anonymously from unknown locations.

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